September 27, 2023
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Fashion According To Your Body Type

Fashion According To Your Body Type

It is feminine nature that they love to dress perfectly and also desire to receive compliments for the way they look. It is easier said than done because when it comes to dressing, your body shape and proportions need to be taken into consideration. Before dismissing the ideas as complicated let me explain that there are few body types pear, apple hourglass, ruler and oval. Fashion According To Your Body Type. How to know your body type and the dress that could complement it? That could be answered.

Pear figure

This is the most common type of body shape women whose bottom half is heavier than their top. They tend to store fats in their thighs, hips, and derriere. Fashion According To Your Body Type.

If you fall in this category your fashion goal is to elongate your figure so that your bottom looks less heavy. The first step is to never feel ashamed of your curves make you feminine and the key point to show those curves is to balance your hips and shoulders. Accentuate your top half by wearing an eye-catching scarf. takes the focus of the onlooker off of your bottom half. Try to wear dark and solid colours on the bottom probably dark jeans or slacks, dark knee-length pencil skirt or A-line skirt.

Draw attention to your tops by wearing fun splashing colour tops, printed blouses and beaded or embellished necklines.

Apple figure

Heavy on top and svelte at the bottom is how this figure could be described. The women in this category are usually larger at bust and have broader upper arm ad shoulders.

Your legs and bust are your strong points while your midsection is the weaker one.

Do not wear large pattern tops they draw attention, leave pattern for your bottom. Wearing a solid pink sweater with pattern bottom is a great way to express yourself while complimenting your figure. If you have great legs wear short skirts or knee-length. A-line skirts can also accentuate your figure. Do not wear tight pants it will make your top extra large. Opt for longer jackets and skip those double-breasted blazers that need to be buttoned down will make you look larger on top.

Hourglass figure

The hallmarks of an hourglass figure are defined waist, curved hips, toned legs, and a prominent butt. Consider yourself lunch if you fall into this category. This figure is a desire of every woman. To complement your hourglass figure dress in styles that accentuate your waist without adding extra volume to your bottom. A sheath dress complements an hourglass figure to perfection. Soft fabric wrap dresses dress with flares look amazing on a woman with this dreamy figure. Belts highlight your waist and high waisted pants elongate your legs. Avoid excessively detailed patterns and baggy clothes to hide your curves.

Ruler or straight figure

Women possessing a ruler or straight figure measure the same from top to bottom with very little curves. This body shape also referred to as a supermodel body. Tube tops or dresses offer an amazing look along with a belt that can create a slim and sexy look. Highlight those toned legs by wearing skinny jeans. To break up your figure and create an illusion of curve use bright pastel colours from the bust-up. Avoid rigid, shapeless dresses that highlight waist.

Oval figure

Oval body shape features larger bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection. This shape woman usually gain weight in their midsection. They have toned legs and flat bottoms. Square neck, V neck, and U neck should be preferred choice to wear. Jackets could really be a practical choice to slim down that waist. To show-off, those toned legs wear dresses or skirts just above your knee. Accessorize yourself with high heels, long earring and dangling necklaces can do wonder to your looks. Avoid wearing tapered jeans, loose tops pleated skirts, turtle necks, heavy boots, and flats.

Now you know what your body shape which is a prominent feature when making a style statement. Dress accordingly to accentuate those curves and cleavage and don’t be ashamed whether you have a wide bottom or narrow top. Love your body like no one and dress to impress the entire world.

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