September 27, 2023

Freshwater Pearls New Fashion Trend

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2020 Pearl Varieties

Among all the gems, pearls are the most used gemstones in beading and jewellery making but they vary immensely, in quality price and availability. Some of the types of pearls available are:

  • Freshwater pearls
  • Saltwater pearls
  • Akoya pearls
  • Tahitian pearls

Freshwater Pearls

Pearls are produced by oysters, molasses and mussels depending on their type. The cost of pearls also depends on its type but freshwater pearls are in huge demands nowadays among the women because of its high cost and comparatively low cost. It comes in a variety of colour most in the pastel shades of white, pink, peach and lavender.

Simulated Pearls

Apart from the natural pearls which are a bit expensive but no doubt beautiful in appearance there are man made pearls available for jewellery making. These pearls are made by painting glass beads with white paint which are no comparison to those acquired from nature after a natural cycle of beautification.

Reasons To Buy Freshwater Pearls

The most practical reason to choose a freshwater pearl to those of the other varieties is the low cost. If a $10000 necklace of Akoya could be bought in $2000 dollar with all almost same look and texture than why waste $8000.

It is often asked if a simulated pearl is available at a much cheaper rate than the original why bother to buy something expensive?

It could be answered with a simple statement if you are asked to choose between a real diamond and fake which one will you choose. even though both looks and feel the same. You will always choose the real one because you know it’s value. Same goes with the pearl the freshwater pearls differ with the simulated pearls in ways of:

  • Texture: Real pearls are never smooth while the simulated are.
  • Shape: Freshwater pearls are hardly found in round shapes it comes in a variety of shapes which show its uniqueness whereas the stimulated pearls are normally seen in round shapes.
  • Durability: One of the most important features of the freshwater pearl is its durability. They are your life long companion compare to those pearls which last no longer than a few months and the white paint peel off giving it a cheap look.

Freshwater Pearl Jewelery

Freshwater pearls cover a large range of colours, shapes and sizes. The purity of the gem gives a whole new meaning to the jewellery and the personality.

The versatility of fresh water pearls have made it a hot trend in the jewellery world. These pearls cover a wide range of variety and can be used as a bead or a stone in the chain of beads, rings and earrings. The most valuable feature of these pearls is their amazing radiant and breath taking natural colours. The pastel palette includes shades of pink, peach, lavender, white and cream.

Freshwater pearls come in a variety of shapes such as rice, oval or button. The wide range of shapes has made it a preference in jewellery making. One can find these pearls in intricate jewellery designs. It could be seen in ring in almost round shape, in a bracelet with an oval pearls set inside a delicate gold design. A drop pearls look elegant on dangling necklace.

Women have always been a symbol of beauty from ancient times. Each and every women desire to be view as beautiful and elegant and to achieve this vision woman all around the world look for new trends and fashions. In the world of ever-changing fashion, pearls have always been a consistent trend in all eras, and freshwater pearls have become the hottest one.

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