September 27, 2023
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Home Made Hot And Sour Soup Recipe

Home Made Hot And Sour Soup Recipe

What does the soup contain?

Now when the winter has set in the first thing that comes to the mind that helps to fight the frosty winds is Hot & Sour Soup. Home Made Hot And Sour Soup Recipe the nutritious value of soup cannot be denied as it contains all the ingredients that provide essentials like proteins, fiber carbohydrates, vitamins etc. to keep the body warm as well as fit to perform its functions. This sumptuous soup recipe not only satisfies the taste buds but is easy to prepare.

Benefits of soup consumption:

This delicious soup is one of the best things you can enjoy when you have flu or a cold because it helps clear congestions and gives relief when you’re sick. This easy soup recipe also makes you feel better because it contains the salt that reduces soreness in your throat and makes you feel better.

It is interesting to note that prior to the main course is brought to the table, mostly some kind of soup is served in winter. It’s a common practice which is carried out with an intention to surpass the effects of cold weather but only a few people know the scientific perspective behind this. Home Made Hot And Sour Soup Recipe since the soup is served & enjoyed hot before the main course, the digestive juices are secreted automatically as a result of this consumption (in the digestive tract). This process helps in the perfect digestion of the meals.

Some research studies show that, apart from only being warm and comforting, the ingredients in chicken broth/soup help ease congestion. The hot-and-sour soup is in fact a treatment that contains mucus-cutting vinegar and sauces, fresh onions, garlic cloves and pepper.

Soup and weight loss:

Apart from the above mentioned benefits one of the very important things that soup does is that if it is taken before meals it results in low calorie intake

If you are serious about weight loss than vegetable soup is one of the best choices to help you lose weight. According to a research most of the varieties of vegetable soups contain 100 calories or less per serving. Apart from that, vegetables contain lots of fiber, that definitely helps you feel full in this way you don’t crave for food so you eat less all day.

For this purpose, you just have to minus the chicken from the below mentioned recipe.

You can check the calorie chart of different vegetables and add or remove accordingly. The basic purpose of this recipe is to share something that you can make easily at home with the easily available ingredients and keep yourself and your near and dear ones comfortable during the winter season.

Recipe ingredients:

Chicken breast 2 pieces
Cabbage 1 Julien
Carrots 2 Julien
Capsicum 2 Julien
Fresh onions 1 cup
Salt According to the taste
Chinese salt 1 tea sp. (Optional)
White pepper 1 tea sp.
Corn flour 2 table sp.
Eggs 2
Chilli sauce 1 table sp.
Soya sauce 2 table sp.
White vinegar 2 table sp.
Water 4 to 5 cups
Garlic 5 cloves


Put the chicken pieces along with garlic cloves and salt in 5 cups hot water. keep it on a medium flame until the chicken is tender and can be easy cut into small pieces. Take it off the flame and let it cool.Now shred the chicken pieces and put it back in the broth. Afterwards add the vegetable and cook for five minutes. After that add soya sauce, chilli sauce, white vinegar, Chinese salt and white pepper. keep stirring with a wooden spatula. Cook almost for five minutes and then mix two table spoons of corn flour in water and add in the soup. (Corn flour is used to thicken the soup. 

you can skip if you don’t want thick soup). Beat two eggs well and add to the mixture. Check the consistency. If you don’t like very thick soup you can remove it from the stove otherwise keep stirring for two or three minutes and then turn the flame off. Serve hot to get best results in the case of flu or cold.

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