September 27, 2023
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Merits & Demerits Of Politics

Merits & Demerits Of Politics

The term politics

Politics is the way in which people living in groups make decisions to govern the country. This is also taught at college and university level. The course of study of politics at universities is called political science/public administration. In our everyday life, the term “politics” refers to and tells about the way in which the countries are governed. Merits & Demerits Of Politics.

It tells us about the ways that governments make rules and laws to govern . So we can say that Politics is a set of activities associated with the governance of a country. It includes making decisions that apply to the group of members. It also refers to achieve and exercise control over a human community, particularly a state.

The best words to define politics are that it is the set of rules or activities involved in running a governmental entity or state. The origin of the word “politics” came from Greek, which means “affairs of the city”
Now let’s see what does merit mean. Merits of anything are the positive aspects that help to work on a proper work plan for the betterment of the country.

On the other hand the demerits of anything are the negative aspects that effect the process of government.
Now when we have understood the terms merits and demerits of politics we must be familier with and remember these terms for a better understanding of the issues under consideration.

Let’s discuss the merits of politics

Politics benefits the masses even at an early stage when they are students. When they get a degree in politics it prepares students for many forms of employment as well as higher study in this field. You gain not only theoretical knowledge but also many analytical and practical skills. These include the ability to conduct research and have communication which is very important in the modern employment market.

Another important factor is that It can play a vital role in informing people as to how many social and political institutions operate at local, national and international level. It also tells about the importance of political and social institutions in shaping our society and at a larger scale how it adds to the betterment of the country & general public.

Politics gives you name and fame. You are recognized at international level.

Politics gives you a chance to represent the People of your class, area and social status. In this way it becomes easy to convince the governing body to listen and work on the issues faced by the common man.

Demerits of politics

Like every other thing politics also has some demerits. During elections an electoral competition creates a disunity and somewhat anarchy in every area. The representatives of different political parties and leaders often charge allegations against one another. Political parties and candidates often use unfair means to win elections.

Another demarit is that political decisions affect common man’s daily life in two very important ways. They make decisions that how much money the state will take from the masses in the form of taxes to spend on public development projects such as health,education, construction or defense.

Not only the development programmes but political decisions also make the laws that affect the lives of general public.

Politics makes you so busy in the public affairs that you hardly get time for your personal or social life. You don’t have privacy. You can’t enjoy life like a common man does.

One of the most dangerous things that a person faces in politics is that the opponents don’t hesitate to attack you personally. They say negative things and spread rumours that affect the image.

People have high expectations so whenever there is a problem they blame politicians for it. General public demands every facility and sometimes people want things done in their favour , illegally.

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