September 25, 2023

Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Employers in any organization are always looking to recruit the most talented candidates for the company, who will be perfect for their business culture and corporate objectives. Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions. If the candidate is highly educated but fails to project himself as the best candidate for the position. Then all the qualification is of no practical use.

If we get any clue before taking an exam about what questions we would be most likely asked, we become so thrilled and satisfied that we even do not bother to study for the exam. The jobs interviews are more or less the same thing, the questions asked during a job interview are mostly the same ones you did assume or already practice. You must use these questions for your advantage. The basic key to successfully answer any interview question is to first listen to the question carefully. Do understand that what is asked, and take a moment to think through prior speaking, so that the interviewer gets clearly understands what you want to convey.

These are some questions which are asked in most of the interviews being conducted for jobs in Pakistan:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why you left your previous job?
  • Do you have any relevant experience to the offered post?
  • Enlighten me about your strength and weaknesses.
  • Share your knowledge about our organization.
  • What improvement do you see in yourself as compared to last year?
  • Have you applied to any other organization?
  • Why do you want to apply to our organization?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • In which kind of work environment you are most comfortable in?

Here is a brief guide about how to answer the above mentioned questions in the best possible way:

Concise and brief:

Your answer to these questions should be concise and brief. Answer by mentioning your earliest job or when you last attended the university and moving towards where you are in your career today.

Do not over rehearse:

Always keep this in mind that; you should not over rehearse for the interview because it will become very obvious by the way you reply to the question. The basic aim of these questions is to know about your skills and knowledge and how suitable you will be for the offered position.

Express your knowledge:

Express about particulars that narrate to the post you have applied for. Make sure you are able to convey your knowledge to the employers if you do not have any related experience. It will help them to consider you for the position.

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