March 3, 2024
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Role Of Politics In The Development Of A Country

Every state or country follows some sets of rules and have political parties that form government to run the system of the country smoothly. Without a proper set up and administrative body. There would be anarchy so its a necessity to form a government that works for the betterment and development of the masses.

The components of Development

Now lets see what does development mean. It is a process that initiates the growth & progress, brings positive change or adds to the economic, environmental, social and demographic components of the country. Since the advent of modern civilization professionals and various researchers have given a lot of definitions for the term “development”.

Development usually includes the particular activities that are associated with the governance of a country or area that can bring positive change in the lives of general public.

When we speak of human development we talk about the process of enlarging the freedom and opportunities given to the masses. In this way improve their standard of living and work for their well-being. The real purpose of Human development is to give freedom to the ordinary people to decide who to be, what to do, and how to live according to their wishes. The traditional approach to human development concept was developed & shared by a famous economist Mr. Mahbub ul Haq.

The department of human settlements and urban development has been defined in various ways but the best definition so far given for attainable development is the one given by World Commission on Environment and Development (Brundtland Commission) which says “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Functions of politics

Now when the concept about development is clear lets see what is politics. It is a way where people living in groups make decisions. Politics makes agreements between people so that they can live together in groups such as cities, or countries. Politics is taught at the college and university level. The study of politics in universities is called political science or public administration.

Apart form public development plans another area needs attention that is called political development. It is defined as an increase in national political unity and stability and as a result demands an increase in political participation. A politician is a person who is active in party show recent developments in indian politics. He/ she holds an office in government and participates in law making and implementation of the policies that govern the land and its people.

So to understand in a better way we can say that development means bringing about social change that allows development of science and technology. Also important in improving the economic productivity. Moreover, research and development also play a critical role in economic improvement

Now we see that the federal government regulates and controls the economy with the help of several laws affecting economic activity.

The politics of planned development notes can be defined in simple terms as political redesign. This emphasizes nation-building as a main focus of development and works seriously in this regard to get better results.

Political culture

Political culture is very important and serves as the backbone of development. It is defined & explained by the doctrine , values, beliefs, norms, standard customs, traditions, and main characteristic of a nation. People living in a particular political premises exchange views about the nature and working of government.

Development plans include access to services, housing, income, social participation, equalities, political participation, civil liberties, and human and labour rights.

The development of a country can be assessed by considering a range of indicators that include its per capita income, life expectancy, level of education, and eradication of poverty.

The development process is a clear system of defined steps characterized by income, equality, health and adequate education.

The characteristics of social development are often correlated by the skill of cooperation, leadership, sharing, discipline and participation in the development programmes/ projects

The development of country is very important to strengthen the family’s role in society and preserve its social and economic cohesiveness/ the state of togetherness and stability.

The government must help and encourage the masses to Contribute to providing job and income-earning opportunities through capital and development projects and supporting the development of small businesses. There is a need to conduct research on the various social challenges and a proper work plan must be carried out by the government in this regard.

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